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Kitchen tips for arthritic hands


Rheumatoid arthritis is a debilitating affliction that can prevent you from living the life you wish you could lead. But as the Aveo kitchen crew insist it should not be allowed to diminish your passion for cooking.


Take the first step

Ensure you seek the proper treatment and care so that your condition doesn’t limit you from doing what you love – cooking!


Have a food processor and a good knife

Chopping and slicing vegetables can be difficult and painful. And, as anyone who’s dealing with inflammation already knows, repetitive motion can be really challenging.

A good food processor and a highquality knife make these tasks a lot easier. A blunt knife requires more effort to use and may result in an accident should you need to apply additional force. Regular sharpening, either with your own sharpener or by taking your utensils to a professional, will keep knives in top shape and make it easier to cut.


Prevent cutting board from sliding

Holding foods in place while cutting them can also be a demanding task. Placing a damp paper towel or non slip mat under the cutting board can keep it in place, and prevent sliding.


Organise the kitchen for accessibility

A good chef knows they should always think about the ingredients and equipment they use frequently. Place spices, herbs and canned goods on Lazy Susans, this allows you to easily spin to find those needed items instead of
moving heavy items around or having to move 10 items just to get the spice you need. Store your pots and pans on wall hooks or a pot hanger from the ceiling. This will eliminate unnecessary cartage.

Residents thinking about getting a new refrigerator should look for one that has a side-by-side freezer and fridge, or a freezer below the fridge compartment as they access the chlilled section more frequently.


Divide up heavy items

You might buy food in bulk, such as a large container of olive oil. But it's not a good idea to lift such a large container all the time. Dividing the contents of heavy containers to smaller containers makes them easier to use, just ensure you clearly label and date the container or packages.


Knuckle protection

Performing some basic kitchen tasks like grating can be difficult. A traditional grater can be hard to hold and control if you have joint pain.

Try using a cheese grater with a suction-cup base. The suction base helps to stabilise the tool on your counter. This helps prevent injuries, such as scraped hands and knuckles or strained wrists.



When filling or emptying large pots of water, use a plant stand for transport and a small plastic measuring cup to transfer the water.


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