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Raising food and nutrition standards

We are what we eat. That fact of life is never truer than when we get older.

After the age of 65, our nutritional requirements change. For example, we often need more protein to maintain muscle mass, along with dairy foods rich in calcium. This can be a challenge for older people, particularly those with smaller appetites, who risk not getting the nutrition they need.

That’s why Aveo has partnered with Nutrition Professionals Australia (NPA) to create a nutritional standard that caters for residents’ changing dietary needs.

The adoption of this national food standard is a first for the retirement living industry. It has been championed by John Casey, Aveo’s National Food Services Manager and a former executive chef for high-performance athletes such as Cathy Freeman.

“I believe that fresh, quality food can enhance people’s lives and overall wellbeing, and it’s my mission to rid the retirement industry of outdated ‘pureed food’ stereotypes,’ says John Casey. “I enjoy making food for our residents that not only tastes good, but is good for them.”

In a major new initiative, ‘Select Dining by Aveo’ is a dining and catering service that will be available across Aveo’s dining rooms and restaurants in the coming months. Aveo is focused on improving the dining experience with greater choice, fresher produce and options that cater for special dietary needs such as vegetarian or gluten-free.

Aveo has also introduced an industry-first meal delivery service, Nutrition Select, a fresh cooked-to-order ready meal service available to residents across the country. Nutrition Select offers a range of restaurant quality meals that are easy to prepare and meet the nutrition needs of those aged over 65.

With more than fifty items on the menu, the Nutrition Select range includes everything from bacon and tomato omelettes for breakfast, to soups and sandwiches for lunch and meat, fish or pasta options for main meal choices. All meals are prepared fresh by qualified chefs.

Through better food and nutrition, Aveo is striving to raise the standards of care and support for healthy retirement living.

Aveo, together with Nutrition Professionals Australia, have developed the Better food and nutrition handbook to provide older Australians with the vital ingredients necessary to enjoy a healthy lifestyle for many years to come.

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